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Features for shack owners

Create your own shack

Easily create your own online business to sell your photos. You are in control.

Secure Payments

All payments are secure through PayFast.

Safe storage

All your photos are stored on the safest cloud storage available.

Restricted events

You have the ability to restrict access to your events to protect your client's privacy. Only clients with the access code supplied by you will be able to access the event's photos.

Own pricing

You are in control of your own pricing. Set prices per event or for your whole business. Different pricing options for different photo sizes.

Contributors to your business

Increase your photographic team, by allowing more photographers to add events, albums and photos to your shack. They will only have access to add photos; all payment, order and pricing details remains for your eyes only.

Claim your funds

You choose when and how much of your money you want to be paid out into your bank account. A R12 payout fee gets charged for each payout.

Watermark protection for preview photos

Watermarks get added to all preview photos for your protection. We make every effort to keep your photos safe from unauthorized use.

Features for buying photos

Search for specifics

You can search by the business/shack name, event/portfolio or date to find exactly the photos that you want.

Secure Payments

All payments are secure through PayFast.

Restricted Events

Not all events are public, the events can be restricted so that only the parties involved can see the photos to protect you and your family's privacy.

Secure login for ease of use

We store all your access codes, photos bought and order information on your own account to keep all your information safe and easily accessible for future reference.

Download ready to print photos

We take the effort out of cropping or resizing photos for print purposes for you. All you need to do is download your photo and print it.

Buy prints (coming soon)

Buy your physical prints to be shipped straight to you or to a pre-determined collection point. No need to go through the extra effort of still printing photos. We will be able to do it all for you.