Limited, one time offer - Become a Founding Member!!

My Photo Shack

My Photo Shack

Get the online photographic business you always dreamed of!

This offer expires in:

This is a one time offer, never to be repeated!

Become a Founding Member of My Photo Shack to have a successful online photography business with minimal effort from you other than spending your time doing what you love, taking photos. My Photo Shack will handle your day-to-day admin, send automatic emails to clients and give you a community of other photographers to bounce ideas off of and encourage you in your photography and your business.

My Photo Shack is an online portal for selling photos and also much more than that. It will provide everything you need to successfully sell photos online, from admin to marketing tools.

As a Founding Member you will have all the current functionality of Photo Shack, which is already a fully fledged photo selling web application and you will also have the ability to give direct input to change and improve the application to make it work for you. Full email support will be available as well as telephonic support when needed. There will also be monthly Q&A calls where you can ask questions and give suggestions about the functionality of Photo Shack.

If you have a larger photographic business, you can add your photographers as contributors so they can add photos to My Photo Shack too, but not see your accounts or order info.

As a founding member, you will also get extra specials in the future as My Photo Shack gets bigger and better.

Current functionality:
  • Upload of photos
  • Personalized Gallery display with own logo
  • Full shopping cart to sell photos
  • Payments through PayFast (handles credit cards or EFTs)
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Full account information with transactions
  • Payout function to pay money made directly into your bank account
  • Order Information
  • Automatic photo resize for download purposes
  • Option to sell bordered or borderless photos
  • Storing original photo to preserve quality
  • Secure storage of photos
  • Protection from photo download
  • Watermarking of images for display
  • Event protection with code access to protect client's privacy
Future functionality:
  • Offering prints as an option to buy
  • Shipping of prints to clients
  • Ability for members to send automatic emails to their clients
  • Ability to sell and advertise stock photos
  • Tagging for photos to make search easier
  • International payments with PayPal
  • Help with marketing ideas for your business
  • and many more to be added ...

Included in this offer, you will also get the following:

  • Register up to 5 photographic contributors to your photgraphic team
  • 100 Gigs storage (about 15 000 photos)
  • Telephonic support when you need it (8-5pm SA time)
  • Email support
  • Regular emails about PhotoShack and how to use it
  • Monthly calls to discuss current and future functionality to be added to the system to make it the best there is.
  • Help center access (Coming soon)
  • R15 Payout Fee
  • 10% commission to Photo Shack plus payment cost


  • Another 100 Gigs of storage (That makes it 200Gigs in all)
  • Getting started guide to help you get going fast
  • Monthly discount incentives to sell more photos
  • 30-day Money back guarantee!!

For this type of support and interaction, you could pay as much as R500, but for this limited time offer I'll give it to you at the discounted price of

R297/ month

I'm so sorry you missed it. Keep an eye on the website for other exciting offers.